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This website is dedicated to cemeteries in Vermilion County Illinois & surrounding counties. It will hopefully help people in their genealogy research, along with a site to help protect cemetery & cemetery headstones in digital pictures. Since many older stones will crumble to a point that they can't be read, having digital copies now will hopefully allow people to know what is on these stone long after they are unreadable (either by time, weather, vandals, etc...)

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LATEST SITE UPDATE - To the left you will find all the link to things on this site. Below, you will find the latest updates to this site.

April 22 , 2012 - I've updated the page for Mount Vernon Cemetery in Vermilion County Illinois. There are a couple in the Catlin area that were trained in 2011 & has taken up restoring headstones & cemeteries, and has done a GREAT job at Mount Vernon Cemetery. This is something me & my wife were trained for back in 2010, but for lack of time - we never have had a chance to put what we were tought to practice.... and it is GREAT to see others put these skills to work on cemetery restoration. I've made a few revisits to the cemetery to take new pictures of their progress, and I've added the video & Internment List / Picture Index for this cemetery also. So I've added 1,112 pictures to the original 880 pictures, for a total of 1,992 pictures for this cemetery.

March 9, 2012 - I've been doing more research & exploring for Champaign County cemeteries. Even if some records show a cemetery as lost or destroyed, I still like to do my own search if possible - and even though I did take a few walks through fields & woods for nothing, in other cases, it has paid off. Not 100% sure if these stones are are always in their original location, or possible been moved - but either way, I've tried to document them all and share them here for everyone else. Here are the Champaign County cemeteries that I have added to this site: Battershell Burials (27 pictures, 1 video) - Chenowith Cemetery (49 pictures, 1 video) - Dunn Cemetery (184 pictures, 1 video) - Loeffler Family Burials (27 pictures, 1 video) - Sugartree Grove Cemetery (24 pictures) - Tomlinson Cemetery (143 pictures, 2 video's)

March 1, 2012 - There are a number of cemeteries in Champaign County in which I have visited to get a GPS location, and a couple of quick overview pictures -- but HAVE NOT yet got pictures of every stone in the cemetery. I have added a page for each of these cemeteries on my site with the information I currently know. Those Champaign county cemeteries that I've added are: Bailey Memorial Cemetery - Bethel Cemetery - Bryant Cemetery - Craw Cemetery - Davis Memorial Cemetery - Dunn Cemetery - Eastlawn Burial Park - Eden Park Cemetery - Elmwood Cemetery - Grandview Memorial Gardens - Greenwood Cemetery - Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery - Leal Park - Lincoln Memorial Gardens - Locust Grove (Philo) Cemetery - Ludlow Cemetery - Maplewood Cemetery - Middletown Cemetery - Mount Hope (Urbana) Cemetery - O'Bryan Cemetery - Old Huss Cemetery - Prairie View Cemetery - Riverside Cemetery - Roselawn Cemetery - Sadorus Cemetery - Saint Boniface Cemetery - Saint Joseph (Pesotum) Cemetery - Saint Joseph (Sadorus) Cemetery - Saint Mary (Champaign) Cemetery - Saint Mary (Crittenden) Cemetery - Saint Patrick's Cemetery - Shiloh Cemetery - Willowbrook Cemetery - and Woodlawn Cemetery

February 28, 2012 - Spent yesterday out visiting 4 cemeteries & getting some new pictures, and I've now added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Huffman Cemetery (41 pictures, 1 video) - Knife [Stout/Pusey] Cemetery (163 pictures, 1 video) - Peters Cemetery (75 pictures, 1 video) - Umbenhower Cemetery (99 pictures)

February 26, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Saint Joseph (Crittenden) Cemetery (633 pictures, 1 video) - Saint Lawrence Cemetery (554 pictures, 1 video) - Welles Cemetery (811 pictures, 2 videos) - Yearsley Cemetery (1,185 pictures, 2 videos)

February 25, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Saint Elizabeth Cemetery (417 pictures) - Saint John Lutheran Cemetery (530 pictures, 2 videos) - Saint John's Cemetery (691 pictures)

February 24, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Stanton Friends Cemetery (641 pictures, 1 video) - Stearns Cemetery (1,113 pictures)

February 23, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Patterson Cemetery (2,078 pictures) - Patton Cemetery (147 pictures, 1 video) - Phillippe Cemetery (225 pictures) - Rice Cemetery (777 pictures, 1 video) - Rock Cemetery (260 pictures, 1 video)

February 22, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Naylor Cemetery (227 pictures, 1 video) - Old Bliss Cemetery (290 pictures, 2 videos) - Old Heater Cemetery (65 pictures, 1 video) - Old Homer Cemetery (1,147 pictures)

February 21, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemetery: Mount Olive Cemetery (5,412 pictures)

February 20, 2012 - This past Friday & Saturday, such nice sunny upper 40's weather that I had to make a trip out to Mount Hope (Sidney) Cemetery to take 3,000+ more pictures. Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Mount Hope (Brown) Cemetery (971 pictures, 2 videos) - Mount Hope (Sidney) Cemetery (3,196 pictures, 1 video)

February 19, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Lost Grove Cemetery (1,340 pictures, 2 videos) - Lynn Grove Cemetery (1,197 pictures)

February 18, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Huls Cemetery (696 pictures, 1 video) - Huss Cemetery (198 pictures, 1 video) - Jersey Cemetery (214 pictures) - Jessee Cemetery (269 pictures, 1940 aerial compare) - Kopmann Cemetery (1,395 pictures, 1 video)

February 17, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemetery: Homer G.A.R. Cemetery (4,649 pictures, 2 video's, 153 pictures of internment lists, and 1 section/block map)

February 16, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: East Bend Cemetery (603 pictures, 1 video) - Fisher Cemetery (580 pictures) - Gregory Burial Plot (6 pictures) - Harwood Chapel Cemetery (61 pictures, 1 video) - Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (1,690 pictures, 2 videos)

February 15, 2012 - Added the following Champaign County cemeteries: Beekman Cemetery (633 pictures, 1 video) - Bethlehem Cemetery (156 pictures) - Brownfield Cemetery (40 pictures, 1 video) - Burris-Hartman Cemetery (35 pictures, 1 video) - Calvary Cemetery (347 pictures) - Clements Cemetery (879 pictures, 1 video) - Champaign County Poor Farm Cemetery (11 pictures, 1 video)

February 14, 2012 - Started (not complete) making the Champaign County Illinois Quick page - Added Bailey Memorial Cemetery (Campaign - 218 pictures) - Beckman Cemetery (Champaign - 1,459 pictures, 2 videos)

February 13, 2012 - Added Danville National Cemetery (12,892 pictures, 2 videos)

February 12, 2012 - Added Sunset Memorial Park (10,423 pictures) - Pape Botanical Gardens (65 pictures) - Brierly Cemetery (74 pictures) - Makemson Cemetery (44 pictures)

February 11, 2012 - Added McGee Cemetery (48 pictures, Internment list) - Kight Cemetery (105 pictures, Internment list) - Forse Cemetery (22 pictures - internment list)

February 10, 2012 - Added Sandusky (Indianola) Cemetery (240 pictures, 2 videos, Internment list) - Outten Family Cemetery (57 pictures, 1 video, Internment list) - Pleasant Mound (681 pictures)

February 9, 2012 - Added Sts. Peter & Paul Cemetery (2,315 pictures) - McFarland Cemetery (593 pictures) - New Salem Cemetery (281 pictures) - Snider Cemetery (405 pictures)

February 8, 2012 - Fixed Springhill Cemetery 25,175 pictures. Also added picture index for Block 1 - Block 17, and Soldiers Reserve. [Index Last Name: A - B] [Index Last Name: C - D] [Index Last Name: E - G] [Index Last Name: H - J] [Index Last Name: K - L] [Index Last Name: M - M] [Index Last Name: N - R] [Index Last Name: S - S] [Index Last Name: T - Z] [Index Last Name: Unknown/hard to read]

February 7, 2012 - Added Knight's Branch Cemetery (Pictures) - Lamb Cemetery (Pictures & Video)

February 6, 2012 - Added Hooton Cemetery (Pictures) - Collison Cemetery (Pictures) - Old Collison Cemetery (Pictures & Videos)

February 5, 2012 - Added Nathan Howard Plot (Pictures & Video)

February 4, 2012 - Added God's Acre Cemetery (Pictures, Internment list & Videos)

February 3, 2012 - Changed the apperence of the site - working on getting new pictures & sites uploaded. February will hopefully be a busy time for this site!

November 27 , 2011 - Still working on a massive site update so I can upload all my pictures - have around 400,000 pictures to put out here - just taking some time. I'm also working on making index's for my pictures, and finding more "lost" cemeteries. For example, in Vermilion County Illinois - finding the Nathan Howard & wife plot, the 2nd Cox cemetery, mystery cemetery in Tilton on Ross Lane, and many other leads. I'm always looking for more help.

And as I mentioned above, I have around 400,000 pictures to put up on this site. AGAIN, not all of these are up on this site YET, but here is a list of some of the cemeteries I have complete pictures of:

Vermilion County Illinois: Allhands, Atherton, Bethel(blount), Bethel(Love), Bethel(Ross), Bock, Bodkin, Brierly, Caraway, Collison, County Poor Farm, Cox, Crown Hill, Danville Lutheran, Danville National, Davis, Dodson, Dougherty, Dukes, East Lynn, Elwood Friends, Embury, Fairchild, Fairview, Farmers Chapel, Forest Park, Forse, Georgetown, Gods Acre, Gordon, Greenview, Greenwood, Grimes, Gundy, Hebron-Newtown, Hickman, Higginsville, Hooton, Huggman, Humrick, Ingersoll, Johnson, Johnson Hill, Johnsonville, Jones Grove, Kight, Knights Branch, Lamb, Langley, Lebanon, Leonard, lockett, Lorrence, Lynch, Makemson, Manns Chapel, Manns Family, McBride Family, McFarland, McGee, McKendree, Michael, Michael-Rutledge, Miller, Milner, Mount Pisgah, Mount Vernon, New Salem, Niccum, Nicholson, Oakhill, Oakridge, Oakwood, Old Atherton, Old Collison, Old Partlow, Outten, Pape Botanical, Parrish, Partlow, Pate, Pellville, Pilot Grove, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Mound, Porter, Potomac, Praire Chapel, Rankin Union, Red Top, Resurrection, Rice, Rose, Rossville, Saints Peter Paul, Sandusky(indianola), Sandusky(Westville), Sanhill, Searl, Sharon, Shock, Snider, Songer, Spicer, Springhill, Stearns, Stump, Stunkard, Sunset, Swiser, Trimmell, Underwood, Vermilion Grove, Wallace Chapel, Walnut Corner, Weaver, Westville Lithuanian, Whitlock, Woodlawn, Workheiser, Wright-Sodowsky, and Yankee Point Cemetery.

Champaign County Illinois: Beckman, Beekman, Bethlehem, Brownfield, Burris-Hartman, Calvary, Clements, County Poor Farm, East Bend, Fisher, Gregory Burial, Harwood Chapel, Holy Sepulchre, Homer GAR, Huls, Huss, Immaculate Conception(St. Joseph), Jersey, Jessee, Kopmann, Lost Grove, Lynn Grove, Mount Hope (Foosland), Mount Olive, Naylor, Old Bliss, Old Heater, Old Homer, Patterson, Patton, Phillippe, Rice, Rock, Stanton Friends, Stearns, St. Elizabeth, St. John (Royal), St. Johns (Broadlands), St. Lawrence, Wells, and Yearsley Cemetery.

Edgar County Illinois: Allen, Bacon, Boyer, Boyer Family, Bright, Catfish Point, Cherry Point, Cholera, Cornwell, Cronick, Franklin, Friends Chapel, Gaines, Hoult, Littlefield, Mckee, Newton, Oak Grove, Ogden, O'Hair, Payne, Poulter, Ross, Scott (Edgar-twp.), Scott (Embarrase-twp.), Section 16, Tate, Waite, Wilholt, Woodland, Young America, and Zimmerly Cemetery.

Iroquois County Illinois: Amity, Apostolic, Ashkum, Beaver, Belmont, Body, Chamberlain, Cissna Park, Clifton / St. peter, Crescent City Lutheran, Del Rey, Flesher, Foral Hill, Gaffield, G.A.R., Gilman, Glenwood Pitchin, Greentown, Immanual Lutheran, Iroquois Memorial Park, John H Grant, Johnson Family, Keen, Liberty, Lisk, Longshore, Lyman, Maple Grove, Milks Grove, Morris Chapel, Mt. Olive, Oak Hill, Old Burg, Old Milford, Old Texas, Papineau, Pierce, Pine Ridge, Pineview Evergreen, Prairie Dell, Ridgeland Township, Roberts, St. Johns Ash Grove, Schroeder Gierke Plot, Schwer, Sheldon, St. Johns Lutheran, St. Joseph, St. Mary, Sugar Creek, Tegge, Trinity Lutheran, Vennum, Wenger Green Ridge, Wilson, and Woodland Cemetery.

Douglas County Illinois: Jordan, Old Negro, and Taylor Cemetery

Ford County Illinois: Prospect Cemetery

Vermillion County Indiana: Bales, Bono, Burson, Carmack, Chenoweth, Dalton, Ernie Pyle Memorial, Eugene, Hall, Harrison, Helts Prairie, Hicks, Highfill, Highland, Hollingsworth, Hopewell, Howards Chapel, Johnson, Juliet, Memorial Chapel, Miller, Mound, New Hopewell, Old Baptist, Old Newport, Pisgah, Ricketts, Shirley, Smith, Spangler, Switzer, Thomas, Towbridge, Walnut Hill, and Wimsett Cemetery.

Warren County Indiana: Adams, Baltimore, Bethel, Brier, Carbondale, Clawson, County Home, Cunningham, Fetterling Bartlett, Foster, Goodwine, Gopher Hill, Gray, Harman, Highland, Hillside, Hooker, Independence, James, Jones, Jordan, Locust Grove, Lyons, McCabe, McConnell, Mound, Owens, Pond Grove, Quaker, Rainsville, Redwood, Robb, Rodgers, Shankland Hill, Sisson, Tomlinson, Upper Mound, Van Reed, West Lebanon, West Pine Chapel, and Woods Cemetery.

So yup - been busy taking pictures. Sorry that I don't have them all up on my website yet. I've also tried to fulfill photo requests on Find A Grave when I can find the pictures - have fulfilled over 2,400 requests on that site.

June 11, 2011 - Yea - still haven't got the site updated. Still been busy visiting more cemeteries. But wanted to share a couple of pictures I recently got. One of the questions I get is "Why do you take pictures of every headstone?" Well I want to preserve history. In 2008, I found a stone that was still very readable but was about to fall apart. I took my normal pictures and went along with my business. Recently I revisited the cemetery to check on this headstone, and what I found was a headstone that has fallen over, and has become unreadable... falling apart. So now, my pictures from 2008 is I feel an important document to show this stone.

This is a perfect example of one of the reasons I do what I do. Very sad to see, but glad I was able to document the stone before the stone finally gave up.

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February 28, 2018 - 18:49
Subject: Harrison cemetery Vermillion County Indiana

My moms grandpa and 3 of his children are buried here Iíve been looking for someone to see if there are any grave markers and or inscriptions. Itís nelson hinds his children are Serena Christian and Nancy all died 1851 - 1860 and info would be great

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Kirk Bacon
January 18, 2017 - 19:21
Subject: Bacon Cemetery

Mark , Can you recall where this cemetery is you took in March 2011? I'm looking for my 4G grandfather and Revolutionary veteran who settled in Stark county.
Thanks, Kirk Bacon

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