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NOTE:  This is just a quick list to help out others who are looking for information in Champaign County.  The list below is from work I have done from multiple sources.  For the cemeteries I actually visited, the GPS reading that I took is listed.  If the GPS listed has a (approx) - that means I have not visited the cemetery, and that is around where I guess the cemetery is.  The list below may not be 100% correct.  Right above this is a link to download the excel version of this spreedsheet to make it easier to work with.  Also note that every cemetery I visited, I also took a few "overview" pictures - when I have time, I will add those also.... but lately I've been focusing on Vermilion County Illinois, and again wanted to share this information to hopefully help others. 

Also, for the ones I list as "Destroyed" - that does not 100% correct.  There was at least 2 in Vermilion County that I thought was destroyed from research I did, but later actually found the cemeteries - which of course were not destroyed... just lost.

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Picture or Info Cemetery Name    (CHAMPAIGN Co.) Location (short) Township MY GPS Reading (means I visited cemetery) Year Opened Also Known As Other Info  
  Bailey Memorial Cemetery NW of Tolono Tolono 39.9950, -88.27430 1938 Ash Grove or Tolono Grove    
  Beckman Cemetery NE of Thomasboro Rantoul 40.26085, -88.09850        
  Beekman Cemetery NW - North of Fisher East Bend 40.35755, -88.33510 1846   near mile markers 3300N and 600E  
  Bethel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery North of Seymour Mahomet 40.14376, -88.45673 1863 Bethel / Harris, Seymour M.E.  (on FAG as Seymour)  
  Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery East of Mahomet Hensley 40.21413, -88.26685 1874 German Lutheran    
  Brownfield Cemetery NE of Urbana Somer 40.1703, -88.1583   Old Brownfield Part of Yearsley Cemetery - SE corner of Yearsley is Brownfield, a private cemetery area.  (no signs or markings at cemetery show area)  
  Bryant Cemetery Mahomet Mahomet 40.18267, -88.39117 1831 Bryan    
  Burris-Hartman Cemetery South of St. Joseph Ogden 40.07760, -87.99442 1830s      
  Calvary Catholic Cemetery NE of Philo Philo 40.01193, -88.13786 1902 Mount Calvary    
NOT VISITED Champaign County Poor Farm Cemetery see other info Cunningham 40.1105, -88.1868 (approx.)     The Poor Farm was located at 1701 E. Main St. in Urbana, with the Cemetery just south of that.  Cemetery abandoned in 1932.  In 1970, Cemetery was rediscovered by construction - old burial ground with estimated 100 graves moved about 50 feet east of original, north of the sidewalk - remains placed in concrete vaults, with a memorial plaque erected.  
NOT VISITED Chenowith Cemetery   Kerr 40.3613, -87.9475 (approx.) 1856      
  Clements Cemetery NE of Urbana Somer 40.14473, -88.16267 1873      
  Craw Cemetery North of Sadorus Colfax 39.98307, -88.35806 1873      
  Davis Memorial Cemetery Pesotum Pesotum 39.91234, -88.2700   Pesotum Cemetery Previously known as Pesotum Cemetery.  In 1924, "Davis Addition" was added.  This cemetery is adjacent to St. Joseph Cemetery (Davis on the west, St. Joseph on the East)  
  Dunn Cemetery NE of Urbana Somer 40.15317, -88.14364   Locust Grove Church    
  East Bend Memorial Cemetery NW - North of Fisher East Bend 40.35537, -88.33342 1969 Both sides of road    
  East Lawn Burial Park Urbana Cunningham 40.12133, -88.20076 1928   Adjacent to Greenwood (Harvey) Cemetery.  East Lawn is on th West, Greenwood is on the East.  
  Eden Cemetery   ** In Rantoul** - on, not sure what name on regular list 40.31726, -88.15420        
  Elmwood Cemetery   Rantoul 40.31914, -88.16411 1868      
  Fisher Cemetery East of Mahomet Hensley 40.20064, -88.33744 1867      
  Grandview Memorial Cemetery NW of Champaign Hensley 40.16234, -88.31364 1947      
  Greenwood Cemetery Urbana Cunningham 40.1210, -88.1982 1870 Harvey Addition, Harvey Cemetery  Adjacent to East Lawn Cemetery.  Harvey is on the East, East lawn on the West.  
NOT VISITED Gregory Burial Plot -- no idea -- Cunningham 40.1088, -88.2282 (approx.)     John M. Gregory requested to be buried on the University of Illinois grounds - located between Altgeld Hall & the Administration buildings on Wright St.  (just east of the intersection w/ John St.) - d. Oct 19, 1898 Upon his death in Washington D.C., on October 19, 1898, his body was brought back to the University to lay in state in the rotunda of Altgeld Hall, before being laid to rest in a vault in Mount Hope cemetery.  However, before his death, Gregory had expressed the wish to be buried on the grounds of the University that had truly been his life for so many years.  Hence, the following November his body was exhumed to be laid to rest once again.  Even in death, Regent Gregory was a well-traveled man.

     The Board of Trustees ordered that his “burial be made in mason work in the neighborhood of a point south of the line of John Street, if projected into the University grounds, and about one hundred feet therefrom [sic], and about midway between University Hall and the west line of the University grounds”, along the path he had walked each afternoon on his way to his house on John Street.
  Harwood Chapel Cemetery   Harwood 40.38655, -88.02202   Webber five miles north of Gifford  
NOT VISITED Heater Cemetery "Old Heaton?" Somer 40.1730, -88.1572 (approx.)     across the road from the Yearsley Cemetery.  
  Holy Sepulchre Cemetery   Harwood 40.31291, -88.11152   Saint Malachy or Rantoul Holy Sepulchre or Rantoul Catholic    
  Homer G.A.R. Cemetery Homer South Homer 40.03795, -87.94936 1866 American Legion    
NOT VISITED Huffman Cemetery     40.3903, -88.0499 (approx.)        
  Huls Cemetery (north) SW of Gifford Compromise 40.28623, -88.04058 1889      
  Huls Cemetery (south) NW of St. Joseph   40.17612, -88.06785 1870 Stanton Friends, Friends Church Hulse on FAG  
  Huss Chapel Cemetery North of Sidney St. Joseph 40.05999, -88.10413 1881 New Huss near the mile markers of 1250N and 1900E  
  Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery NW of Broadlands Ayers 39.93612, -88.00972 1895 Ayers Lutheran    
  Jersey Cemetery NE of Mahomet Condit 40.24509, -88.30747 1864 Jersey Presbyterian    
  Jessee Cemetery NW of Villa Grove Crittenden 39.89387, -88.19759 1869      
NOT VISITED Knife-Stout Cemetery NE of Mahomet Condit 40.2567, -88.3431 (approx.)   Pusey-Knife    
  Koopman Cemetery NW of Royal Compromise 40.22549, -88.00212 1880s Kopmann    
  Leal Park Urbana Cunningham 40.11601, -88.21043 1903 Old Urbana    
  Lincoln Addition Cemetery Urbana Urbana 40.12898, -88.21826 1956 Woodlawn Addition    
  Locust Grove Church Cemetery Philo Philo 40.00413, -88.16291   Dunn, Ensley (1877)(?),  mile road 1700E in a grove of trees  
  Lost Grove Cemetery SW of Homer South Homer 39.99561, -87.99460 1859      
  Ludlow Cemetery   Ludlow 40.37008, -88.14525 1872      
  Lynn Grove Cemetery SE of Philo Sidney 39.96787, -88.11307        
  Maplewood Cemetery   Ludlow 40.33192, -88.14863 1870      
  Middletown Cemetery Mahomet Mahomet 40.19321, -88.40259   Mahomet or Village    
  Mount Hope Cemetery (Champaign) Champaign Urbana 40.09884, -88.23164 1856   Florda Ave. adjacent to Roselawn -  
  Mount Hope Cemetery (Sidney) Sidney Sidney 40.03040, -88.06353 1871      
  Mount Hope Cemetery (Fisher) NW of Fisher Brown 40.38440, -88.41850 1874      
  Mount Olive Cemetery West of St. Joseph St. Jospeh 40.11424, -88.12200 1871      
  Naylor Cemetery NW - West of Fisher Newcomb 40.31048, -88.38503   United Brethern Church    
  O'Bryan Cemetery SW of Pesotum Sadorus 39.88309, -88.36810        
  Old Bliss Cemetery East of Sidney Sidney 40.02906, -88.04430   Bliss a mile and half east of Sidney, on the northside of Route 15.  
  Old Homer Cemetery North of Homer South Homer 40.05487, -87.96135 1827 Dunkard Eastern Part of Cemetery is known as Dunkard Cemetery  
  Old Huss Cemetery North of Sidney St. Joseph 40.05876, -88.07918 1831      
  Patterson Cemetery South of St. Joseph St. Joseph 40.09062, -88.02679 1830s      
  Patton Cemetery   Kerr 40.38178, -87.9.792 1884      
NOT VISITED Peters Cemetery South of St. Joseph St. Joseph 40.0761, -88.0246 (approx.)   Thompson    
  Phillippe Cemetery North of Mahomet Mahomet 40.22246, -88.35735   Methodist Episcopal    
  Prairie View Cemetery West of Savoy Tolono 40.05448, -88.29452 1874      
  Rice Cemetery West of Pesotum Sadorus 39.90129, -88.38151 1877 Hixon    
  Riverside Cemetery Mahomet Mahomet 40.20053, -88.39487 1868 Davis    
  Rock Cemetery West of Pesotum Sadorus 39.91314, -88.36148 1879 Andy Rock four miles south of the town of Sadorus  
  Roselawn Cemetery Champaign Champaign 40.09884, -88.23164 1906 New Mount Hope adjacent to Mount Hope - Originally called "New Mount Hope Cemetery".  Purchased in 1906 from Mt. Hope Cemetery by an independent Cemetery association  
  Sadorus Cemetery SW of Sadorus Sadorus 39.95507, -88.35892     located about one mile southwest of the town of Sadorus  
  Saint Boniface Cemetery West of Savoy Colfax 40.04120, -88.38410 1898      
  Saint Elizabeth Cemetery SW of Thomasboro Rantoul 40.22575, -88.21224   Immaculate Conception or Thomasboro Catholic    
  Saint John Lutheran Royal Ogden 40.19236, -87.96158 1929 Royal Saint Johns    
  Saint Johns Lutheran NW of Broadlands Ayers 39.92170, -88.00668 1895 German Evan Lutheran    
  Saint Joseph West of Sadorus Sadorus 39.96625, -88.41744 1868 Ivesdale    
  Saint Joseph Cemetery W of Bongard Crittenden 39.92343, -88.12368 1892 Immaculate Conception (Also:  Bongard) Correct name is St. Joseph Cemetery.  On FAG as Imac.  
  Saint Joseph Pesotum Pesotum 39.91234, -88.2689 1907   This cemetery is adjacent to Davis Memorial Cemetery.  (Davis on the west, St. Joseph on the East)  
  Saint Lawrence   Compromise 40.29937, -87.94242 1901      
  Saint Marys Champaign Champaign 40.09271, -88.24302   Champaign Catholic    
  Saint Marys East of Pesotum Crittenden 39.90787, -88.228773 1876      
  Saint Patrick Tolono Tolono 39.98072, -88.25711 1881   (have St. Mary's as name ?? not sure where I got that from, maybe FAG?)  
  Shiloh North of Mahomet Newcomb 40.26054, -88.39664        
  Stearns South of Royal Ogden 40.16138, -87.97778 1850s      
NOT VISITED Tomlinson   Kerr 40.3562, -87.9443 (approx.) 1841   Past locked gates/road  
  Welles   Compromise 40.28699, -87.96827 1889 Compromise    
  Willowbrook NW - Fisher Condit 40.30557, -88.34615 1899      
  Woodlawn Urbana Urbana 40.13013, -88.21451 1907      
  Yearsley NE of Urbana Somer 40.17101, -88.1594 1895   Brownfield Cemetery is located in the SE corner of Yearsley.  
destroyed Bartley   St. Joseph 40.0837, -88.0377 (approx.)     At one time, around 85 stones - but were buried and farmed over by 1965.  There was an old windmill just north of the cemetery and could be seen from the road (not sure if it is still there or not.)  
destroyed Battershell   Stanton 40.2157, -88.1061 (approx.)     no longer visable  
relocated Boys Family   Stanton 40.1498, -88.0322 (approx.)     Cemetery moved to Mount Olive Cemetery  
destroyed Cain-Shaefer   Ludlow 40.3766, -88.1726 (approx.)     farmed over  
relocated Capt. Davidson   Tolono 40.0213, -88.2404 (approx.)     Cemetery moved to Mount Hope in 1908  
destroyed Deadman's Grove   St. Joseph 40.1258, -88.1224 (approx.)     Possible only 1 person buried here - story is thief in Indiana was on the run, took a rest here as law caught up with him, and hung him here - being buried here also.  
destroyed Elizabeth Louks   Tolono 40.0071, -88.3000 (approx.)     farmed over  
destroyed George Peters Family   Somer 40.1512, -88.2096 (approx.)     Burials about 1866 - now farm field  
destroyed Gilliland   Urbana 40.1397, -88.1392 (approx.)   Brumley farmed over  
destroyed Haines Family   Compromise 40.2286, -87.9500 (approx.)     East of Kopmann Cemetery - 2 graves, now farm field  
destroyed Hitz Family   Ludlow 40.3710, -88.2314 (approx.)     Field - no stones  
destroyed Kemp   Tolono 40.0041, -88.2982 (approx.)   Kemp Children Cemetery farmed over  
destroyed Loeffler Family   Ogden 40.0861, -87.9822 (approx.)     behind a large farm garage on the Wayne Wagner property.  6 burials.  In 1930's, was fenced in & marked - no longer.  
destroyed Miller   Urbana 40.1363, -88.1482 (approx.)     farmed over  
destroyed Old Adkins   Somer 40.1879, -88.1843 (approx.)   Richard Allen Timber Possible 50-200 burials in mid 1800's - no longer  
destroyed Old Dunkard Church   Urbana 40.1275, -88.1367 (approx.)   Old Cloyds Possible 75-100 - stones disapeard by 1890 - first farmed, then residental  
relocated Old Jewish   Cunningham 40.1241, -88.2001 (approx.)     North of East Lawn Burial Park - all moved to Mount Hope in Urbana  
destroyed Old Somers (1836)   Somer 40.1670, -88.1701 (approx.)     Before 1860's, contained about 75-150 burials.  Area now farmed  
relocated Old Tolono   Tolono 39.9870, -88.2742 (approx.)     Most bodies moved to Ash Grove (Bailey Memorial)  
destroyed Peabody   East Bend 40.3191, -88.3457 (approx.)     After late 1930's, stones removed & farmed over  
destroyed Porter-Dwan   St. Jospeh 40.0850, -88.0543 (approx.)     After late 1930's, stones removed & farmed over.  2-3 burials  
Unknown Condition Rinehart   Somer 40.1499, -88.1665 (approx.)   Old Rinehart Operated between 1833-1863.  Land owner keeps area wooded.  Around 1974, 1 stone was found - Cemetery cleaned up by girl scouts at that time  
destroyed Risinger   St. Joseph 40.0575, -88.0166 (approx.)     Fenced in with 10-12 stones in 1898.  Laster stones removed & farmed over.  Some stones found along a fence line.  
destroyed Rudicil Place   Sidney 40.0266, -88.0553 (approx.)     Possible 3 burials - possible 1 moved?  Not sure  
destroyed Shafer (1837)   Crittenden 39.9164, -88.1607 (approx.)   Coslet 6 miles south of Philo.  Owner buried the monuments & farmed the land  
destroyed Smith   Urbana 40.1157, -88.1833 (approx.)     Stones removed - now part of an intersection  
destroyed Sugartree Grove (1876)   Urbana 40.1208, -88.1615 (approx.)   Brumley farmed over  
Unknown Condition Umbenhower (1867)   Sidney 40.0535, -88.0120 (approx.)     Take 2400E North 1/2 mile till you cross salt fork stream & go up a slight rise of a ridge.  Cemetery is about 400 feet from the road to the west & can be accessed only by walking along the field fence row - about 50 burials.  
destroyed / relocated Van Matre (1850)   Crittenden 39.9384, -88.1669 (approx.)   Old Frame As many as 50-75 burials - neglated for years.  Some moved?  Farmed over  
destroyed Van Meter   St. Joseph 40.1355, -88.0495 (approx.)   Cora Brooks 5-6 stones at one time.  Farmed over  
relocated William Putnam   Ogden 40.2221, -87.9456 (approx.)     body moved to Emburry Cemetery (Vermilion Co., IL)  
?? Mennonite (1895) -- no idea -- East Bend          
?? Bongard on FAG, no other info            
?? Collison on FAG - Need to move to Verm. Co. Vermilion County, IL          
?? Fairland Cemetery / Fairland, Illinois on FAG - Other co? Douglas County, IL          
?? Nelson Actually in Douglas Co. Douglas County, IL          
?? Oak Grove (Tolono?) on FAG, no other info            
?? Pleasant Ridge (Allerton) on FAG, no other info            
?? RANTOUL on FAG, no other info            
?? Saint Josephs (2 extra on Fag - 1 is repeat, other is ??)              
?? Saint Peters on FAG, no other info