Vermilion County Illinois Cemetery List

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Picture:  Picture of cemetery
Cemetery Name:  Name of Cemetery
Location:  Just a short description of where the cemetery is
Township:  What township the cemetery is in
GPS Cords:  GPS Coordinates of the Cemetery (taken by me from the cemetery unless otherwise noted)
Hist. Soc. #:  The local Historical Society has a list of cemeteries, I've matched them up for easier reference to their list (found here)
Other Information:  If cemetery is known by another name, or other information.
Picture Cemetery Name Location Township GPS Cords Hist. Soc. # Other Information
Allhands Cemetery East side of Kickapoo State Park Catlin 40.13746 -87.72725 81  
Atherton Cemetery SE Danville Danville 40.10851 -87.59299 69 Adjacent to Old Atherton & Sanhill Memorial Park Cemetery. Some graves were moved here from the old Danville Cemetery late 1800's
Bethel Cemetery (Blount) NW of Danville Blount 40.2247 -87.7264 27 3 Bethel Cemeteries in county
Bethel Cemetery (Love) East of Ridge Farm Love 39.90005 -87.54025 121 3 Bethel Cemeteries in county
Bethel Cemetery (Ross) North of Alvin Ross 40.330556 -87.620278 17 Formerly known as Wiseman.  3 Bethel Cemeteries in county
Bock Cemetery East of Westville McKendree 40.03009 -87.56766 103  
Bodkin Cemetery NE of Homer Vance 40.07737 -87.92073 75  
Brierly Cemetery East of Danville, south of Airport Newell 40.1828 -87.5956 46 sometimes misspelled as Bryley
Brittingham Family Plot North of Oakwood Oakwood just east of 40.14896 -87.76906 52 Supposable at least 1 stone visible, I could never find it.
Caraway Family Plot Westville Georgetown 40.04880 -87.633860 92  
Collison Cemetery South of Potomac Pilot 40.22465 -87.79922 21 Sometimes called Pilot Chapel Cemetery
County Poor Farm Cemetery West of Tilton Catlin 40.09925 -87.66606 84a Adjacent to Songer Cemetery
Cox Cemetery Inside Kickapoo State Park Catlin 40.13499 -87.73786 80 Sometimes referred to as Cox Family Plot
Crown Hill Cemetery South Ridge Farm Elwood 39.89227 -87.65842 116  
Danville Lutheran Cemetery Danville Danville 40.11578 -87.60566 66 Also known as Lutheran Cemetery
Danville National Cemetery Danville Danville 40.12712 -87.57977 62 Also known as Veterans Cemetery
Davis Cemetery North of Fairmount Vance 40.04861 -87.85901 78  
Dodson Cemetery inside Kennekuk Cove State Park Blount 40.20385 -87.71610 33 Formerly known as Baptist Cemetery
Dodson Cemetery Annex inside Kennekuk Cove State Park Blount 40.20422 -87.71697 none  
Dougherty Cemetery NE of Fairmount Vance need to visit 76 sometimes misspelled as Daugherty
Dukes Cemetery East of Westville Georgetown 40.04994 -87.62537 91 Also known as Brooks Point & Blakeney Cemetery
East Lynn Cemetery South of East Lynn Butler 40.45444 -87-80100 3  
Elwood Friends Cemetery SE of Georgetown McKendree 39.96347 -87.59888 106 Also known as Elwood Church
Embury Cemetery SW of Potomac Pilot 40.20147 -87.84573 22 Sometimes referred to as Embury Chapel Cemetery.  4 graves moved from Price Cemetery to here
Fairchild Cemetery NW of Danville Blount 40.21723 -87.71154 28 Brick Church Cemetery, Fairchild Cemetery Savanna.  Now an "Illinois Nature Preserve" - a place to grow "Prairie grass"
Fairview Cemetery SW of Sidell Sidell 39.89891 -87.84560 107  
Farmers Chapel Cemetery North Danville Newell 40.18597 -87.61252 45  
Floral Hill Cemetery NOT IN VERM. Co. Grant 40.49044 -87.66969 4 This cemetery is mostly in Iroquois County - a very VERY small sliver in the south-east corner of the cemetery is in Vermilion.  I including this here since I see many include this in Vermilion County.  Cared for by city of Hoopeston
Forest Park Cemetery Georgetown Georgetown 39.97431 -87.62376 97 Adjacent to Georgetown Cemetery - Forest Park is on the East side
Forse Cemetery East of Westville Danville (aprox) 40.05984 -87.568358 74 Sometimes misspelled as Force Cemetery.  Located on private property
Georgetown Cemetery Georgetown Georgetown 39.97431 -87.62376 97a Adjacent to Forest Park Cemetery, Georgetown on West side (divide line not marked)
Gods Acre Cemetery Catlin Catlin 40.05680 -87.71724 90 Also known as Butler Cemetery
Gordon Cemetery NE Danville Blount 40.16962 -87.64686 38  
Greenview Cemetery Fairmount Vance 40.04651 -87.83923 79 Also known as Fairmount Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery East Tilton Danville 40.10268 -87.62106 65 Located on both sides of 14th St.
Gundy Cemetery East of Bismarck Newell 40.27092 -87.64274 47 Also known as Davison Cemetery
Hickman Cemetery NE of Fairmount Catlin need to visit 85  
Higginsville Cemetery SE of Potomac Blount 40.24301 -87.77138 39a Also known as Smalley Cemetery
Hooton Cemetery South Tilton Danville 40.09421 -87.63470 71 Sometimes misspelled as Hooten Cemetery
Huffman Cemetery NE of Danville Newell 40.22803 -87.57344 41  
Humrick Cemetery East of Ridge Farm Love 39.9122, -87.54499 120 Also known as Collier Cemetery
Ingersol Cemetery North of Potomac Middle Fork need to visit 7a Sometimes misspelled as Ingersoll Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery NW of Danville Blount 40.20898 -87.66709 30  
Johnson Hill Cemetery In Kickapoo State Park, NE of Oakwood Oakwood 40.15820 -87.75060 53 Sometimes called Johnson Cemetery
Johnsonville Cemetery NW of Danville Blount 40.21048 -87.67095 29-31 ? I've always known this cemetery as Johnsonville, Genealogy place calls this cemetery:  Thurman, Humphrey, Steward, & Mt. Pleasant.  (I consider Thurman the cemetery which is about 1/2 mile East of here)
Jones Grove Cemetery Catlin Catlin 40.07173 -87.70002 88 Also known as English
Kight's Family Plot North of Alvin Ross need to visit 14 approx location is 40.3541, -87.6024 - north side of creek, about .3 miles west of road.  In 1988, only 1 stone remained.  Many stones at one time.
Knights Branch Cemetery SW of Potomac Pilot 40.25403 -87.82696 18 Also known as Endicott
Lamb Cemetery East of Danville, south of Airport Newell 40.16540 -87.56913 48 Also known as Campbell
Langley Cemetery SE of Danville Danville need to visit 72  
Lebanon Cemetery SW of Indianola Carroll 39.91456 -87.74982 113  
Leonard Cemetery NE of Danville Newell 40.22625 -87.59864 42  
Locket Cemetery East of Westville McKendree 40.03226 -87.58587 102  
Lorrence Pioneer Cemetery   Blount 40.20063 -87.72632 32  
Lynch Cemetery East Danville Danville 40.13254 -87.56920 63  
Makemson Cemetery North of Oakwood Oakwood 40.13669 -87.77970 56  
Mann's Chapel Cemetery   Ross 40.33246 -87.65855 16  
Mann's Family Plot Near Mann's somewhere Ross need to visit 15  
McBride Family Plot   McKendree 40.05390 -87.55283 100a  
McFarland Cemetery South of Muncie Oakwood 40.09660 -87.83984 59 Also known as Dalbey Cemetery
McGee Cemetery Illinois Power land, North of Oakwood Oakwood need to visit 51  
McKendree Cemetery NE of Georgetown McKendree 40.00045 -87.57177 104  
Michael Cemetery NE of Indianola Carroll 39.93240 -87.72065 111  
Michael-Rutledge Cemetery In Kickapoo State Park, NE of Oakwood Oakwood 40.15820 -87.74945 54  
Miller Cemetery East of Rossville Ross 40.36771 -87.60814 13  
Milner Cemetery   Blount 40.16551 -87.67400 37 Also known as Cline
Mount Pisgah Cemetery West of Georgetown Georgetown 39.96871 -87.68369 98 Also known as Concord Cemetery
Mount Vernon Cemetery NE of Fairmount Catlin 40.06535 -87.7843 87  
New Salem Cemetery SE of Potomac Blount 40.24145 -87.75070 26 Also known as Salem Cemetery
Newtown Hebron Cemetery North of Oakwood Oakwood 40.17009 -87.76995 50 Also known as Newtown Cemetery, Hebron Church Cemetery
Niccum Cemetery East of Westville McKendree 40.04842 -87.54405 101  
Nicholson Cemetery East of Westville McKendree 40.05896 -87.58355 100 Also known as Indian Paint, Indian Point
Oak Hill Cemetery West of Danville Danville 40.11483 -87.71419 64 Also known as Chester, Kistler Cemetery
Oakridge Cemetery Catlin Catlin 40.06691 -87.71680 89  
Oakwood Cemetery Oakwood Oakwood 40.10742 -87.77631 58  
Old Atherton Cemetery SE Danville Danville 40.10689 -87.59319 69a  
Old Collison Cemetery North of Collison (private property) Pilot need to visit 20 NE of (new) Collison Cemetery
Old Partlow Cemetery   Middle Fork 40.29350 -87.85325 10  
Pape Botanical Gardens Danville Danville 40.13271 -87.62864 61a  
Parish Cemetery   Danville 40.06826 -87.59456 73 Also known as Grape Creek Cemetery
Partlow Cemetery   Middle Fork 40.30035 -87.87669 9  
Pate Cemetery NW of Catlin Catlin 40.09342 87.73093 82  
Pellville Cemetery   Butler 40.46136 -87.92474 2  
Pentecost Cemetery   Blount need to visit 34 Also known as DeMoss
Pilot Grove Cemetery   Elwood 39.88496 -87.61528 117  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery   Oakwood 40.14174 -87.77902 55  
Pleasant Mound Cemetery West of Georgetown Georgetown 39.96970 -87.66653 96  
Porter Cemetery   Blount 40.23786 -87.77176 39b  
Potomac Cemetery Potomac Middle Fork 40.30288 -87.78875 8 Also known as Morehead
Prairie Chapel Cemetery   Ross 40.37982 -87.75975 11  
Rankin Union Cemetery   Butler 40.47267 -87.88689 1 Also known as Union Cemetery, Karter
Red Top Cemetery   Grant 40.42557 -87.68683 6  
Resurrection Cemetery   Danville 40.11245 -87.60716 67 Also known as Saint Patrick's Cemetery
Rice Cemetery   Pilot need to visit 23 Also known as Sandbar Cemetery
Rose Cemetery   Newell 40.25501 -87.59699 40  
Rossville Cemetery Rossville Ross 40.37387 -87.67307 12  
Saints Peter And Paul Cemetery   Georgetown 40.03769 -87.62538 93  
Sandusky Cemetery (Indianola)   Carroll need to visit 108 Also known as Old Sodowsky / Old Sandusky
Sandusky Cemetery (Westville)   Georgetown 40.03660 -87.60469 94  
Sanhill Memorial Park Cemetery   Danville 40.10629 -87.59419 68  
Searl Cemetery   Oakwood 40.12809 -87.73840 60a  
Sharon Cemetery   Elwood 39.94956 -87.63222 114 Also known as Martha Smith
Shock South of Oakwood Oakwood need to visit 60  
Snider Cemetery   Blount 40.15439 -87.71594 39  
Snyder / Outten Family North of Oakwood Pilot 40.18077 -87.75803 25a  
Songer Cemetery   Catlin 40.10064 -87.66605 84 Also known as John Payne Graveyard
Spicer Cemetery   Georgetown 39.96418 -87.65087 99 Also known as Spicer Family Plot
Spring Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum   Newell & Danville 40.14507 -87.62554 49 & 61 Such a big cemetery, it covers 2 townships (and has 2 Genealogy Soc. numbers to cover each township it is in)
Stearns Cemetery   Oakwood 40.12716 -87.86039 57  
Stump Cemetery   Pilot 40.19685 -87.76685 24  
Stunkard Cemetery   Carroll 39.90988 -87.79395 112  
Sunset Memorial Park   Newell 40.19726 -87.62813 44  
Thurman Cemetery   Blount 40.21136 -87.66074 31-29 ? I've always known this cemetery as Thurman, the Genealogy place calls this Swisher.  (and calls the cemetery I know as Johnsonville as Thurman).  This cemetery is about 1/2 mile east of "Johnsonville Cemetery"
Trimmell Cemetery   Pilot 40.17797 -87.77015 25  
Vermilion Grove Cemetery   Elwood 39.92286 -87.65581 115  
Wallace Chapel Cemetery   Middle Fork 40.33586 -87.82028 7 Also known as Judy Cemetery
Walnut Corner Cemetery   Newell 40.22196 -87.55472 43  
Weaver Cemetery   Carroll 39.94542 -87.71338 109  
Westville Lithuanian Cemetery   Georgetown 40.02114 -87.63362 95 Also known as Lithuanian National
Whitlock Cemetery   Love 39.94186 -87.54511 118 Also known as Mose Reid, Liberty
Woodlawn Cemetery   Carroll 39.93891 -87.74979 110  
Wright-Sodowsky Cemetery   Catlin 40.09933 -87.69122 83 Also known as Wright Family Cemetery
Yankee Point Cemetery   Love 39.92438 -87.58906 119  
Below are cemeteries which have been DESTROYED, MOVED, or just unknown details.  While doing research, I have found information here and there about them, and if possible - I try to figure out the GPS coordinated from the information I can find - BUT PLEASE KNOW - The locations are very approximated, with me going by written directions and trying to match that up with a map to get the readings.  If you have any additional information about any of these cemeteries, please let me know.
What Happened to it? Cemetery Name Location Township GPS Cords Hist. Soc. # Other Information
Destroyed? Adams Family Plot South of Union Corner McKendree 40.0282, -87.5499 (VERY aprox.) none South of Union Corner (SE of Danville).  Plot was in the center of an evergreen field.
Destroyed Allen Family Plot West of Alvin Ross (aprox) 40.3080 -87.6197 none  
Unknown details BlueGrass Cemetery Along Bluegrass River, north of Ingersol Cemetery     none Possible up to 3 "small" cemeteries along bluegrass river - north of Ingersol Cemetery.  Possible family cemeteries or place to bury the poor.
Moved? / Destroyed Denmark West of Winter / Logan / Denmark road intersection Newell 40.1608, -87.6416 (VERY aprox.) none Now the site of Lake Vermilion.  First burial around 1835, last in 1902.  All, Some, or none of the graves may have been moved to Gordon Cemetery.  Not sure.  (Also known as Bailey Cemetery?)
Unknown / Destroyed? Fielder East of Oakwood Oakwood 40.1025, -87.7518 (approx location) 60c If it existed, 1 mile east, 1/2 mile south of Oakwood in Missionfield - possible only 2-3 small family plots ??
Unknown details - Abandoned? Grimes North East of Kickapoo Blount 40.1670, -87.7276 (approx location) 35 at least 4 stones were standing at one time not too long ago.
Destroyed Jones Cemetery East Danville Danville 40.1183 -87.5828 (aprox location) 70 Also known as Jones Family Plot  Cemetery has been destroyed
Unknown Location - Destroyed? Kerby Family Plot Unknown Location McKendree   none Used in mid/late 1800's
  Larson Unknown if existed     none Might be south of Lorrence Pioneer, or possible it was confused in speech/writing with Lorrence.  Not sure if ever existed.
  Manion Family Unknown Location Ross   none  
Destroyed / Lost Martin Family Just off Bowman, Danville Newell 40.1720, -87.6008 (approx. location) 49a East side of Bowman Ave, between Winter & Liberty - along fence within 100 feet from road. Used only a few years until 1832 when Brierly started. Pile of rocks marked site at one time (maybe still?)
Destroyed Middlefork SE of Potomac   40.2979, -87.7763 (VERY aprox.) none East side of Bean Creek Road, about 1 mile SE of Potomac - just south of the Bean Creek Bridge - "little graveyard on the hill".  Land records in 1839 showed land for cemetery:  NW1/2, W1/2, NW 1/2, S12, T21N, R13W
Unknown / Destroyed? Missionfield East of Oakwood Oakwood 40.1025, -87.7526 (approx location) 60b If it existed, 1 mile east, 1/2 mile south of Oakwood in Missionfield - possible only 2-3 small family plots?
Destroyed Newell Cemetery NE of Danville Newell 40.211944 -87.60033 (aprox location) none Also known as Newell Grove, Old Grove Cemetery.  Cemetery destroyed in 1974, farmed over.
Moved / Destroyed Old Danville NE Corner of Madison & Washington in Danville - Now Beeler Terrace Danville 40.1293, -87.6256 (aprox location) none Also known as Old Graveyard & Amos William's Graveyard.  Started in 1830's.  As Danville grew, this Cemetery got into bad shape.  In the late 1800's, officials asked people to move their decesed relatives to Springhill or other cemetery.  Some moved, some just moved headstones.  Up to 2,500 buried here at one time. Now the location of Beeler Terrace.
Destroyed Old Davis 1/2 mile east of Mt. Vernon Cemetery Catlin 40.0653, -87.7747 (approx location) 86 About 1/2 mile east of Mt. Vernon Cemetery, on north side of road.  Destroyed?
No Stones Oliphant Cemetery SW of Oakwood Oakwood 40.0911, -87.7925 none Never any stones - one 9year old girl buried here in 1870's on a hill.
Moved Price West side of Rt. 1, south of Winter, north of Voorhees Newell 40.1560, -87.6308 (VERY approx.) none Graves (about 4) moved to Embury Cemetery as Danville grew.  On west side of Route 1 in Danville, south of Winter - North of Voorhees St.
Destoryed Ruckman Cemetery South of Potomac Pilot 40.2399, -87.7838 (approx location) 19 Bulldozed Over
Moved Swain Cemetery NE of Hillery     none Was family burial ground on the old Danville Rod & Gun club.  Owners got court permission to move bodies to Oak Hill, where area was strip-mined.  9 reinterned on Aug 30, 1946 in Oak Hill Cemetery.
Destroyed Underwood Family Inside of Forest Glen Preserve McKendree 40.0019, -87.5363 (VERY aprox) 105 Used 1850-1880's - at least 10 buried here.
Destroyed? Watson Family Plot NE of Kickapoo State Park Blount or Danville 40.1658, -87.7000 (approx location) 36  
Destroyed Williams - Fugate NW of Danville Blount 40.1963, -87.6667 (approx location) none Off of Short Road, NW of Danville.  Use to be bend in road where cemetery was located, but bend is no longer in road.
Unknown Woolverton East of Hoopeston Grant 40.4628, -87.6385 (approx location) 5  
Unknown Workhiser SW of Henning Blount 40.2349, -87.7670 (approx location) 39c  
Destroyed Yount East of Homer Vance 40.0443, -87.9373 (approx location) 77 Was covered over
Unknown "Unknown" SW of Henning Blount 40.2339, -87.7364 (approx location)   Found something about an "unknown" cemetery here - possible land records at one time showed it was going to be a cemetery but never was, or ??? Just not sure. (but did not want to lose this information so here it is.)




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